I knew he was feeling something good

My nine year old and I stopped by a store to run some errands. There was a young man in a wheel chair asking for money. We decided to give him my son’s after school snack and some money. I asked him if he would like a blanket for his legs since it was very cold outside. He smiled and said yes. When we gave him the blanket (it was my son’s blanket that he used to stay warm in the car), he exclaimed “GOD IS GOOD!” We said goodbye and headed inside the store.

When we walked out about 30 minutes later, the young man was still there with the blanket over his legs. My son stopped me and asked me for a hug. I knew he couldn’t say what he was feeling, but I knew it was something good! Moments like these make my life wonderful, being able to teach my son kindness. – Aura 🙂

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