Larry the quilt!

My name is Barbara. I am 88 years old and I love Ripple Kindness!

My daughter went to her 40 year class reunion this past weekend. At the reunion they had a raffle for a quilt, my daughter loves and collects quilts and she names everyone of hers because there is always a story behind each one. She has over 100 quilts.

She bought some chances for the quilt, but did not win. We were staying in a hotel where the reunion was when later that night there was a knock at the door and one of her classmates, Larry who she wasn’t real close friends in high school, but did know him and knew other friends of his, he told her he had won the quilt. He said he wanted Missy to have it as he’d heard how much she loved quilts and he gave it to her. She was so excited and happy, and speechless! What a wonderful kind thing for Larry to do for her! So unexpected, it made her so so happy. She named the quilt Larry’s quilt, after Larry, such a kind, wonderful man. Pass your kindness on. – Barbara 🙂

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