A lesson in kindness for both of us

I stopped at a local gas station to refill my cup with ice from the drink area. There was a man and his wife in Muslim dress. I could care less about that, but I was staring because they were both just very beautiful people.

I was in line behind them and they were short less than a dollar for the drinks and milk they got. Without thinking, I handed over $1 because they were going to put the milk for their child back. The man said he saw me staring and was upset with me. I apologized because I was not staring to be rude, but told him I thought they were every beautiful. He told me he forgave me and thanked me for my kindness and would stop to think next time that maybe people did not all stare to be rude.

The area I live in is not always friendly to those who are different, so I hope he will think better thoughts next time. And for myself, I too will be more careful in my “looking around”. I truly don’t think I was staring, I was curious – but never said anything – about why they were taking so long but noticed the cashier kept telling them they needed more money.

It was a very weird RAK for me today, but has given me some things to think about. – Kim  😕 

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