Lessons from my cats

It is important to take time in your life to see the beauty and the lessons that come into our lives but we tend to be too busy to take time to breath them in.

Today I had a sweet man come and put more installation into the attic. He had a challenge when he had to go up the ladder to get Sadie our cat down who can climb a ladder very fast. He was so gentle with her. As he handed her back to me, he told me quickly that he had lost his cat a few days ago. A cat that he rescued 10 years ago and told me how his cat loved to collect socks and bring them to him. I watched as he fought back tears and he was embarrassed. But just at that moment, shy Smudge our other cat, came running over and stood up against his leg to be picked up. When he picked her up she gave him a kiss and rubbed her head against his. He said thank you, it was what he needed.

It was great to see his smile. He told me that was thinking that he just might go rescue another cat on the weekend. – Kat β™₯

Update β–ΊΒ The same man came back the other day to show me the new kitten he picked up at the SPCA. I gave him a bunch of stuff that we had when our cats were kittens. Β He was very excited and was going home to get everything set up. I love when someone gives an animal a new home.

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