A little kindness makes it better

I was sitting at a traffic light when my car battery went flat. Suddenly a young man came to me and said “get in and step on the accelerator and do not stop to say thank you. Once I push the car you need to start it”. I did what he told me to do except that I waived frantically to thank him.

A few months down the line, I met another stranger whose car ran out of petrol and I stopped to help by driving him to the petrol station and then driving him back to his car. He thanked me and offered to pay me, but I told him “no you don’t have to as I was the recipient of kindness and all I ask is that you pass on this good deed to someone in need”. And with that, I said goodbye. – Siat 🙂

Today at the Farmers market, a man and his wife stopped me as they were looking at the wheat grass trying to figure out what it was good for. They asked if I knew anything about it and I shared what I knew. They asked about making healthy smoothies and I told them what I used and where they could find it in this really big place. The man asked if he could give me a hug and of course I said yes. I love hugs.

Turns out his wife was just diagnosed with some health issues and this sweet man, close to 70, had gone and bought a Vitamix and they were there buying fruits and veggies to try to make her healthy again. I have been smiling the rest of the day. – Kim 😀


I was walking past a public park and saw a man trying to hang himself off a swingset. I noticed right away he had an accent from the east coast and I had lived there, so I started to talk to him about how beautiful it was and how much I loved it. I then asked him what was wrong. He said his girlfriend across the street did not want him anymore. I asked him to undo the noose and come down so we could talk about the beauty of PEI and Halifax. In the meantime, the girlfriend called 911 and they swooped in and took him because there were kids in the park. I called later to see how he was, but they wouldn’t give me any information as I was not related. I know in my heart I helped and would do it again in a heartbeat. – Michelle ❤


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