A long shot that paid off for a stranger.

There'S No Wrong Time.
An old man I didn’t know left a message on my answering machine saying he needed an ambulance. He gave his first name and half an address, no last name, no return number. It was during the night and I didn’t find it till about 7am.

I used the computer to google a few places that I thought he could be and rang the police to do a welfare check. They kept thinking I was a relative but I explained many times it was a random wrong number. The police took my name and what my ideas were on finding him. They rang back about two hours later when they had found the man and got him an ambulance. He had asked the police to thank me and to apologise for the bother he caused me. The police said he was going to be ok. Such a long shot with little detail so I was amazed the police found him, and they took me seriously enough not only to follow up, but to return to me with answers about the gentleman. – Debbie

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