Lost souls and human kindness!

I feel privileged to be a member of the human race today.

Yesterday, whilst travelling back from the glorious mountain forests of Alishan, Taiwan, a problem arose due to some poor pronunciation. Who was to know that there was also a Shanghua as well as a Changhua? Hence a journey in the complete opposite direction. Feeling that something was wrong and asking everyone if the train went to Changhua, all was telling us we were on the right train. Ended up in Kaohsiung, told to get back on the train, we had missed the stop. Whist on the train and the people realising the mistake, everyone was talking, looking on their phones for train info etc. We got off at Tainan, but there were no more trains. So three kind people talked to the train guards, came to the bus station, looked at our possible options. One of theme offered for us to stay at his house, so we could get the train in the morning. But we needed to head back that night if we could. All three people waited with us until the bus came. We had to head to Taichung and then get a taxi from there. Our new friends spoke to the bus driver, to ask him if he would speak to the taxi drivers to arrange our safe passage home, which he kindly did.

All of this would be remarkable enough as it was, but whilst standing there waiting for the bus to arrive, it was revealed that the three people, who all came to help and assist us any way they could. Were not just strangers to us, but they did not even know each other. I would like to express my gratitude to all those that went out of their way to show kindness and demonstrate all that is good about our species. So please do not give up hope, show equal kindness to anyone who looks in need of help and always see the best in people, they will not let you down. – Patrick xx

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