Their love made my day.

Be Inspired.
Not so long ago, I saw a red Honda on the side of the road with the flashers blinking. I slowed and saw a woman on the passenger’s side. I didn’t want to frighten her but wanted to know if I could help. A little way ahead, I saw a man in his late seventies walking along carrying a gas can. I sped up and asked if he needed a lift. He smiled and thanked me as he climbed in. I told him there was a station about a mile up the road. Almost ashamed of himself, he admitted that he’d had a lot on his mind lately and didn’t even think about gassing up.

I wasn’t in a hurry and helped him fill his can, turned around and started to take him back to his car. A tear washed out of his eye and he took a handkerchief out of his pocket, wiped it and pretended to blow his nose. He asked if I could pull over for a moment before continuing on. He turned to me and told me that the beautiful woman in the red Honda was his girlfriend. They had been married for 51 years but he still called her his girlfriend. He touched my shoulder with a gentle hand and told me to love someone completely, hold nothing back because one day you will be left with nothing but memory, so make it grand.

They had just come from the doctor and although her fight was courageous, the cancer had consumed her and they were standing at the threshold of goodbye. He said he was ready to go now and I eased back onto the road. He thanked me for my kindness and willingness to listen. I pulled over behind his little car and he thanked me once again as he climbed out of my car. I watched as he poured the gas into the tank and then waited for him to put it in gear. I saw her turn her face to him and caught that little kiss for her hero. They made my day.

Remember … a selfless act of kindness is its own reward.

– Daniel Waterhouse

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