Made my day!

Help Someone..
I live in Miami, Florida and work downtown. Years ago we had a couple of record breaking cold temperature nights during our short winter and I saw a homeless man curled up, shaking and sleeping on the floor on my way home at almost 10 p.m. It was freezing by our standards and it was heartbreaking to see him that way.

I drove 14 miles to my home, picked up a blanket and a warm dinner and drove back downtown to deliver it to the homeless man. He was so thankful and grateful for my gesture. He asked if there was anything he could do for me and I said “yes” — stay warm, enjoy your meal and get some rest. I was happy to help. I ran into him several weeks later during daylight hours and am not sure if he remembered me or not, but he looked at me intently and said “bless you”. Made my day! – Carmen

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