Made me laugh all the way home!

The Funny Things Kids Say....
A few years ago I had stopped for milk at the local corner store bringing with me my friend’s two year old boy who I’d babysit. As I was at the checkout paying, a couple of young teenage boys entered the store. I paid and left the store, buckled in the toddler and as I went round my car, saw that one of the two teens had dropped his wallet as he had stepped out of the car (passenger side), so I quickly picked it up and took it inside to find them and went to him and said ‘I think this belongs to you?’ Oh the look of relief on his face as he checked his pocket realizing it was empty was priceless! He said ‘thanks’ and I quickly left.ย 

A funny twist to this story is that as I drove away all proud and happy, I said to myself in a loud voice “oh what a nice person I am!” only to hear this tiny voice from the back seat say “no you’re not!!” …. Remember how I had my friendโ€™s toddler? Well, he was mad at me because he wanted candy and didn’t get it!

Hahahaโ€ฆ Oh that made laugh all the way home!! โ€“ Jessica ๐Ÿ˜‰

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