Making that lady’s day!

Thoughtful Things.
As my boys and I were at the checkout in the supermarket, the lady in front of us was buying a birthday cake. As soon as it was purchased she gave it to the lady behind the counter telling her to have a wonderful birthday.

I quickly looked around and added a chocolate bar to our groceries. I asked her how her day had been, pretending not to have seen what had just happened. My boys were a little excited thinking I’d bought them a chocolate bar, but were pleasantly surprised as I handed it to the lady with a Ripple Kindness Card and said, I hope your birthday is fabulous… enjoy your day.

She was so surprised and instantly turned to the cashier behind her and said “wow, look what the lady gave me”. I moved around to the back of the counter and said, wait a minute, you need one of these as well and gave her a great big hug. My boys watched on in amazement as she thanked me with the biggest smile on her face. Wow, they said as we walked away, you really made that lady’s day!!!!! – Anon 

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