May I give you a hug?

Students Who Are Loved At Home

I substituted in first grade today. I taught it the first two years of my 35 year teaching career and realized I was an older kid teacher. But I go where I must these days.

There was one li’l boy who was ferocious and obstinate. I called on every strategy I knew from being a teacher-mom-of-sons, but to no avail. Finally and futilely as I sat next to him as he sobbed because I’d removed him from kicking people in the center and I blurted out what popped into my head. “Riley, may I give you a hug?” I asked. He bolted into my arms, snot and all, and held on for dear….something.

The kids stayed busy, ignoring us. I let him hug until he was done, and for about a minute I patted his back and whispered, “you are SUCH a special boy, Riley. Soooo special. Yes, you are.” During the next 3 hours, he was as happy as a clam. Later, his teacher told me that everyday is difficult for the 6 year old. Lots of fits. Lots of anger.

It felt amazing to be a 62 year old substitute teacher today after having to give up my career for health reasons. At least I can still hug ’em.ย – Barbaraย โค

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