Mindful compassion

The nicest gift that can be given throughout a day may often come from strangers.

Last week, I had a horrid migraine that lasted 5 days. It was pretty horrific, but I had to keep moving and do my best with many routines and appointments.

On one such day, I had to attend a one-hour mindfulness course, which asked us to step outside our comfort zone for one task. This task involved balloons and yes, my head was starting to freak at the possibility of chaos and noise. Eek!

A beautiful kind soul whom I had only just met went out of her way for me to ensure I would be ok. Her compassion, empathy and genuine concern for my migraine and the impact that the popping balloons might have on me was incredible. She wanted to push herself out of her comfort zone and join others in mindfully focusing on her needs, but she unselfishly thought about me first.

After the course, I thanked her and told her how touched I was. Her kindness stayed with me all week and tonight when I attended the class again, I shared my gratitude with her. I wrote a Kindness Card to say thank you and also I gave her some chocolates.

Her smile and surprise was much like mine last week, pure appreciation and warmth of the heart.

Acts of kindness can create beautiful moments. Always act with kindness at any opportunity. There’s always someone, somewhere that needs your care.

Be kind. Yours Kindly Cate xx

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