My mini kindness superstars

Today I took my two boys ages 5 & 7 to my workplace to give my colleagues some Christmas Cheer.

The boys handed out chocolates and lollies, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Towards the end of our morning Casey (the 5 year old) says to me “it’s nice being kind to people, isn’t it Mum?” I was quite overwhelmed as this was a big part of why we were doing this exercise and that at just 5, he’d used the word kind!

On our way out, the Salvation Army was there with their Christmas collection wishing well. I gave the boys a coin each to put in. The man said to make a wish, so Casey says “I wish that all the kids that don’t have toys get some for Christmas.”

I was brimming with pride with my kindness superstars! – Fiona 😀

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