So much kindness generously given.

Educating Their Heart.
When I was 9 years old, I had to change to a new school for grade 3. On the first day of school, my new classmates actually helped me to wipe my desk and chair and packed my pencil case and books under the desk.

During lessons time, they took the trouble to ensure that I knew which page the teachers were teaching. At recess time, they brought me to the canteen and taught me how to get food. After our meals, they gave me a tour around the school. When school ended for the day, they helped me to pack everything back into my bag.

They really closely looked after and cared for me for about a month until I was familiar with everything at school and felt I belonged.

So much love, friendship and kindness they have generously given, without any adult intervening. It still made me smiles when I recall.

So grateful and love them always, even though I don’t know where they are now. – Kim

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