My friend the ex-nun

My 90-year-old mother was in rehab recovering after a fall. I knew she would never walk again as she had Alzheimer’s and I knew it was nearing her end. But she tried.

Her roommate was an ex-nun and was as stubborn as could be. I fell in love with her from day one. After we left the facility, we kept in touch. My mother died 3 months later. I had brought her home where she wanted to be. That was 2 years ago and I still call my friend the ex-nun weekly and go see her.

I have multiple sclerosis and some days are not so great. It never fails to amaze me when I’m missing mom or my MS is at its worst, I get a phone call from my little ex-nun. She will call and say your mother needed me to check on you. GOD puts people together, he has us meet and then I feel lets us take it from there. I have volunteered all my life, as my mom did. It’s funny now a 95-year-old is volunteering to me. My mom would love it and would say, you are never old to volunteer! – Missy 

Barbie With HatIn memory of our dear friend and Missy’s mum, Barbie.

We love you both. 💗





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