My life is wonderful because…

When we asked people what makes their life wonderful and what they were grateful for, this is what they had to say…

I have a wonderful life, I’m surrounded by love and happiness and I live and work in a fabulous place – Beth šŸ˜€

I am grateful for a college student who gave me these encouraging words “You are stronger than you think you are.” – AnneĀ  šŸ˜†Ā 

I’m very grateful to my friends for making life as good as they can. Some things are just out of our control and we continue to struggle but with the moral support of friends it makes it that little bit easier. – GloriaĀ ā¤

I have wonderful people around me. I came home from shopping one day to find my whole bedroom freshly painted. – MarguaritaĀ  šŸ™‚

I looked out on the horizon on my way to work and the sun was shining, the clouds were purple pink and the mountains stood out and I once again realized how lucky I was to live in such a beautiful place. – PatriceĀ  šŸ˜‰

The Pope was here in the Phils in January. I am so grateful that he chose our country to visit. I feel closer more to God, he being here… Thank you Lord. –Ā LydiaĀ 😘

A clean bill of health from the cardiologist & reconstruction process started on my breast after cancer surgery. – Terri

Cuddle time with my granddaughter Vennie! – TeresaĀ 💗


What are you grateful for each day? Please share below.


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