My neighbor overheard me crying

In The Time We Have It Is Surely Our Duty To Do All The Good We Can To All The People We Can In All The Ways We Can

My neighbor overheard me crying outside to my mum today because I’m struggling right now. I’ve been let off from my main job, have to move house in less than two weeks, and I genuinely had a moment of feeling helpless and sorry for myself.

He knocked on my door tonight and apologized for listening in to my conversation, and offered me two bags full of food (noodles, rice, pasta, canned items, deodorant, toilet paper, tampons) and continued to tell me his story of how he grew up in a country that was constantly in war and how he had the choice of either feeding himself or feeding his family.

He said that he came to Australia to live a better life and now that he is well off, it hurt him to hear that a fellow Aussie was so upset and in a bad place.
I broke down in tears in front of him. I couldn’t even comprehend his generosity and kind nature.

This is what being an Aussie is all about – helping each other when we can and sticking together. You have my word when I’m back up, I’ll be inviting him over for dinner and will have a lifelong friend after all this.

Please… if you know someone who is struggling and you’re doing okay, HELP them. Because his actions tonight completely restored my faith in humanity. We are blessed to be in such a safe country. If any of my friends are struggling right now please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always here. Let’s get through this together and come out better than ever. – ‎Kat Ashleigh

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