You often talk about the positive influences of teachers on Ripple Kindness and I couldn’t agree more, and I want to share how a teacher has helped me.

I’m a student and I was struggling recently with an issue that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with my family. I have a teacher who is a very compassionate woman but also quite firm in the sense that she doesn’t overlook bad or cruel behaviour. She noticed that I was upset and because she is such an empathetic and thoughtful person, I felt comfortable enough to confide in her.

She offered the help and support I needed and was completely respectful of my limits and what I felt comfortable disclosing to her. By confiding in her I was able to pluck up the courage to tell my family too.

I know if she hadn’t cared enough about my wellbeing to inquire about my problems, I wouldn’t have spoken to anyone about them, which could have negatively influenced my emotional stability even more.

This wonderful lady helped me to consider what could be done to improve my circumstances and just by listening to what I had to say, I now feel a lot stronger and able to handle the situation.

I think that she’s extremely selfless and admirable because she deals with so many issues, not only around the school but with the students in it too and she never expects anything in return.

Teaching staff are so often taken for granted or disrespected and I think that really shouldn’t be the case. I’m so grateful that my teacher didn’t just care about my academic outcomes but my teacher cared about me as a person. – Anon

Do you have an amazing teacher who’s helped you through a tough time? Honour them by sharing your story. Click here to share. 

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