My Wish for the World

I was sitting in a beautiful cafe in Bali enjoying a delicious meal, ($7), one that would be luxury for many Balinese, when I noticed through the dark of the night, opposite, in the dirty doorway of a closed store, a Balinese woman lying on the ground with an adolescent girl and an infant draped over her, asleep. She was begging. Foreigners passed by her looking away – tens, twenties, thirties, maybe more.

I witnessed this sad scenario, one of so many in Asia, poignantly aware that I could not comfortably enjoy my meal and watch this with conscious impunity. What to do?

She saw me and several times our eyes met and we connected. In the silence through the traffic across the street, she knew that I knew, and I knew she knew I knewโ€ฆโ€ฆ. and that I felt her.

On contemplating her situation and realising that what meagre funds I could spare would make little difference to her were she an addict, and what solace I might offer her might be unwelcome, I ordered Nasi Goren and some takeaway and took it over to her, hoping she would receive it.

What ensued touched me to the core. She looked up with the most beautiful wide smile, eyes shining with light, a hint of tears welling up as she took my hands and blessed me with so much warmth and appreciation that reminded me what I love to do more than anything: make a positive difference in people’s lives.

It cost me $4. How many could be fed in this way for as little as the cost of a cappuccino.

My wish for the world is that we all do that – share a meal with someone hungry today. – Swanย โค

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