He never even asked for it.

Judge Each Day By The Seeds That You Plant.
My mother-in-law freaked out today when I got us lost in an area that is not really very safe. I was pretty sure I was going in the direction I needed, I just had to go further than I thought. So at the next light, I pulled up beside the next car and rolled my window down and asked if I was pointed in the right direction. He assured me I was, but it was miles away. We were stuck out in this neighborhood and most would have just kept driving. 

I try to believe that the largest percentage of people are good and for the most part they are, so at our destination, the county car tag office, it was packed and waiting was over an hour.

A man tried to pay with his debit card but it was declined. Three people were pulling out their wallets handing him the $8 he needed. This man never even asked for it. I would have been doing it too but I saw others had taken care of it. He took several dollars from several, so no one person paid it all. It makes me sad that he did not have $8 in his account and that others have to put food back over 30 cents, but most people are indeed good. – Kim 😀

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