You were nice to me

Today, as I was shutting down my hot dog cart (Lil Joe’s Heavnly Dogs), a young man rode up on his bicycle and asked “how much for a soda?”

I was busy breaking down my equipment and without really noticing him, I replied “$1.00”. As I turned to look at him, I noticed he was frantically counting change so I said, “how about we just make it .75…or if you want, I have free bottled water.” He said, as he handed me quarters, nickles, and pennies, “no, I’d really like a soda, but I only have .90.” I began to tell him, that it was fine and he interrupted me to add that he just lived down the road and would go and return with the dime he owed me. Of course I thought this outrageous and told him to forget it, really, it was fine. He left, and I busied myself with loading my truck.

Just before I left, I turned around to find him. He had come back and he held out his hand and said “here you go” and placed a quarter, a nickle, and 2 pennies in mine. I looked at him in his worn jeans and tattered shirt, and said “no, really, you don’t…” and he replied “no, you take it. You stand out here all day and you were nice to me.” I just looked at the change in my hand, and then at him and his smile. As he turned to leave he said “God bless you”. With tears welling in my eyes, I thought to myself… “I think He just did.” – Darlene 🙂

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