Her nine year old thought it was a blessing

Good Vibes.
I had my two boys with me yesterday while I did my grocery shopping. Our supermarkets are offering a Collector Cards promotion where you get 1 pack of card for every $20 you spend. My boys were given 30 packs of cards from my own purchases, plus 2 other ladies who didn’t want their cards.

Walking away from the shop, my 9 year old son commented how much of a blessing it was, and “we should do something nice to someone else”.

We spotted a lady working in the Bank Booth and my son thought she looked lonely all cooped up in the booth by herself. He went to the florist and bought a bunch of Sunflowers for her and handed them to her, to make her smile.

I have to say, my son was grinning from ear to ear and said “I feel really good mum! It’s nice doing things to make other people happy!” – Michelle 🙂

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