Not a big thing

You Have To Remember The Things That Seem Small To You Could Mean The World To Someone Else

This was by no means a big thing, but I can’t explain how much it made my day.

It was about a year ago. I had a final for my hardest class (also the teacher was a huge douche, so that didn’t help). The final was a group presentation. It was unbelievably frustrating and took 3 hours.

Anyway, we finally get through it and I go to work (which I was late to because of the final) and the restaurant is slammed. Then, the second I get there my boss, who is also my boyfriend’s mom, asks me to go get Starbucks for her. So, I get back into my freezing cold car and drive down the icy streets to Starbucks. I finally get there, wait in the super long drive-thru line, and order her drink.

So, then I’m at the window to pay and the lady asks about the drink I ordered, and I explained it was for someone else. So, then she says “Well, what do you want?” and I thanked her but said I was fine. Then she goes: “Honey, it’s free. What do you want?” I was shocked and was like but… but why? And she said, “well I’ve had a lot of difficult customers today and I just want to make someone’s day better.”

I could not have thanked her enough; I know it was a tiny, tiny thing but it brought tears to my eyes. – CatherineConstance

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