It’s not my money, I’m just the distributor

What We Do For Others.
As difficult as the last year of my life has been, when I look at it through the eyes of gratitude, there have been so many blessings along the way. I am compelled to share the loving energy that flows through my life and here’s how I’ve been doing that lately.

Here in Cleveland, winter is challenging. As you might imagine, it’s even more challenging for any homeless person that for whatever reason, does not take shelter inside at night.

We live very close to a well-known brewery, and 85% of the time at night, a guy is huddled up in three sleeping bags beside the main blow off vent to take in the warm, hop-scented air.

My son and I went to a restaurant lately that gave customers warm rolls to take home. Neither of us needs more bread in our diet, so we took them to the brewery. A few nights ago, it was snowing to beat the band, swirling and blowing – and for some reason, my son and I were out in it at a pizza place where a friend works. I asked him since it was near closing time if I could take some pizza from the buffet for the guy by the brewery. I said I hoped he wasn’t out in the terrible weather — but guess what, he was out there, zipped up with only his peepers showing.

Today, the Universe deposited $5 into my possession. Someone had dropped it and I held onto it, but no one came to claim it. So I thought of giving it to the homeless man but a whisper said hey, spread the love – and anyhow, the man wasn’t at his usual station when I went to the grocery store by the brewery. So at check out, I handed the $5 to the cashier and said, “The Universe gave this to me today so that I could spread some kindness. Put it onto the bill of the next person in line and if they decline it, just wait for someone who needs it.” She seemed happy but surprised to have someone do such a thing, but as I told her, “It’s not my money. I’m just the distributor.” – Shannon 😀

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    Wonderful, God bless you & yours! We should all try and pass it on….Sue

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