There is nothing better to lift your spirits.

I'M Here For You.
I posted a prayer request in a small facebook group I’m in. My family was going through extreme financial hardships at that time, by the end of the day a woman I had never met and had not really conversed on the page with messaged me for my info. and wired me $50.00. After her, someone else sent $25. That put food on our table for a few days and some gas in the car. 

Then, I noticed that other people commented that they wanted to help but were also experiencing their own financial challenges. This prompted me to begin my own group called STONE SOUP. Since I did we have helped an elderly woman keep her heat on in the California mountains, and another family have a blessed Christmas for their children who would otherwise not. All through small donations from members. There is nothing better to help lift your spirits than helping someone else lift theirs.

Many Blessings All. – Candice 

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