I remember when I went to Christian Youth Training Camp out in Hickory Corners, MI to be a counselor. I didn’t know anybody there and everyone else did, all classmates from other Christian colleges.

The first day I was asking myself, “What have you gotten yourself into?” and wondering why I made this summer-long commitment. We had a meal and a meeting and then free time. As I exited the lodge, I saw 6 other counselors joking around and getting into a car, talking about going to town for ice cream. I was only about 15 feet past them when one of the guys called to me and asked if I wanted to come along. I said, “Yes, but are you sure there’s room?” and he said, “We’ll make room.” I dashed back to my cabin to get something and tell my roomie I was going out.

Well, there’s nothing that will help you get to know people better than squishing 4 adults into the back seat of a 6 passenger car [note: no seat belt laws]. Everyone was friendly and nice and from that moment on I knew it was going to be a fantastic summer – and it was.

I always remember what it felt like to be the odd-woman-out and so I include new people and help them to feel like they belong. – Sharon

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