Officer has a heart of gold

Feeling Gratitude And Not Expressing It

My daughter has special needs and has a stuffed animal she HAS to sleep with or she doesn’t sleep. She has had it since she was two.

Well, she went to her aunts last night and took it to school in a bag. Long story short she left it on the bus and didn’t realize it until bedtime.

After many tears, I called New Lisbon Police and got hold of Officer Jason. He took time out of his night to meet me at the school and search the bus for the bag. Unfortunately, the bus was gone but he told her he would keep an eye out for the bus and call us if it came in. This calmed my very frantic child enough to be able to sleep for the night.

Just want to give thanks for it meant the world to her and me. – Lisa Salisbury Bath from The Kindness Bucket Brigade

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