Operation Speedway

Well Operation Speedway Kindness had a chance to shine today…..

Once again I was in Speedway getting a soda and today brought a spur of the moment opportunity for me to help someone. This time it was me behind someone else!

I was in line and the lady in front of me was having some issue with her debit card. I felt so bad for her and once again, I was having a bad day at work (seems like I have been having a lot lately). Anyway, she was searching for ways to try to pay for her bill. She tried and tried her debit card and I could tell she was getting sad about what was going on, and got the feeling she might have had to put something back. Feeling for her, I pulled out some money and paid for her purchases.

As in my past experiences, the smile was worth the money I spent. She was so surprised that someone would do that for her. And as before I had a surprise myself. I found out after the fact that she was buying the snacks to take to a church function. She was glowing with sheer happiness!

I honked my car horn at her as she was getting into her truck and was rewarded with a second big smile. That was worth more than I can say and needless to say made me smile too.

Keep Smilin!!!!! –Β Rebecca

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