Social-Emotional Learning & Kindness Curriculum Overview

A Positive Alternative
to Traditional Anti-Bullying Programs

Ripple Kindness Project for Schools has
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The Ripple Kindness Project for Schools is a comprehensive, fun and rewarding, evidence-based whole school positive psychology curriculum. It provides early intervention to improve social, emotional and mental health outcomes and reduce bullying.

 Ripple Kindness Project Primary and Elementary School Curriculum

Rich in positive psychology, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), kindness and mindfulness, our lesson plans, activities and resources are aimed at the classroom, home and community so children foster positive character traits in all walks of life. Students are given opportunities to experience first-hand the feel-good emotions that are produced when showing kindness to help cement positive thoughts, feelings and actions as intrinsic, life-long values.

Ripple Kindness Project - Benefits of our SEL, kindness and mindfulness curriculum

Read how we tackle anti-social behaviour in a positive way

Traditional anti-bullying programs can reinforce negative feelings and often lack on-going resources and support to facilitate change. We are convinced that in order to reduce bullying and address issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and bullying, schools must think outside the square to include Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to nurture the heart as well as the brain.

Bullying behaviour can be the result of poor emotional intelligence or an unfavourable home environment. Blaming and shaming or expelling students is a band-aid solution that seldom has positive outcomes. Instead, children must be taught how to change their behaviour in a supportive environment where they can nurture healthy relationships and enjoy a feeling of safety and inclusion.

Ripple Kindness Project combines SEL with kindness and mindfulness as a powerful approach to modern-day needs. As children learn about their own and other people’s emotions, they gain an appreciation of the benefits gained by showing kindness and respect. They quickly realise that being optimistic and helpful not only improves their interactions with others but also nurtures a positive sense of self to boost well-being and create feelings of warmth and belonging.

By helping direct a child’s outlook at an early age, we’re equipping them with the necessary tools to help resolve some of our most threatening social issues to improve their chances of happiness and success in later life.

Fostering kindness on a daily basis builds an armour of goodness that encourages happy, well-rounded individual who care for others.

And as research suggests, children can modify and revise their existing behaviour and beliefs if they have evidence that contradicts their learned assumptions. Teaching kindness in schools is a major step towards changing cultures and creating happy, thriving and safe learning environments.

Children taking part in the Ripple Kindness Project school curriculum - kindness rocks

Mindful of the ever-growing pressure on teachers with an already crowded curriculum, we’ve made it easy to integrate lessons and activities into existing timetables. Year-long modules with step-by-step instructions help save precious time and energy scouring the internet for appropriate resources. Year level rubrics identify competencies covered in each lesson plan and ways to expand activities.

     Receive an information brochure on the Ripple Kindness Project school curriculum

Ripple Kindness Project for Schools offers seven years of positive psychology, SEL, kindness and mindfulness with a variety of activities, resources and homework assignments as well as additional activities to reinforce and complement teachings.

Your Package Includes:

little-star 7 age-appropriate, flexible and easy-to-use modules 

• Templates, worksheets and homework assignments
• Group discussion ideas
• Whole school activity concepts to foster emotional intelligence, building resilience, and highlight the importance of being kind and considerate towards themselves and others
• Activities for the classroom, home and community to encourage children to be kind and respectful outside the school gate, with the definitive aim of reinforcing that the program is not just a school project but a way of life
• Flexible lesson plan concepts that can be mixed and matched to suit individual classrooms and timetables
• Each module builds upon the previous year

little-star Activity rubric 

Save time by quickly and easily assessing which competencies each activity covers.

Sample activities rubric from Ripple Kindness Project school curriculum

little-star 300 Ripple Kindness Cards for children 

‘Pay it forward’ style cards for students using the year 2, 3 and 4 modules.

little-star 100 Ripple Kindness Cards for adults 

Adult cards are specifically designed to inspire teachers and engage the community.

little-star Additional resources 

• Facts about the benefits of kindness
• Tips for creating positive classrooms
• Ideas to improve teacher well-being
• Activities to introduce mindfulness
• Lesson and worksheet guidelines
• Recommended reading options
• Supplementary kindness activities
• Printable display posters and other useful classroom resources
• Student award certificates and nomination forms
• Inspirational video clip (performed by children)
• Kindness Changes Everything song lyrics and sheet music

little-star Quarterly newsletter 

Emailed to your inbox and filled with kind ideas, inspirational stories, new resources and useful tips, contributions from our Ripple Kindness schools and supporters, etc.

little-star Further resources available on request 

Children’s and adult Ripple Kindness Cards for subsequent years.

little-star No on-going subscription

A one-off purchase price includes updates and newsletters. Yours to use with every existing and new student in your school.

Ripple Kindness Project for Schools has
been reviewed by and included in the
Be You Program Guide.



better-buddies-logo       Alannah-and-Madeline1

1Ripple Kindness Project is proud to have worked with The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a national charity protecting and caring for children who have experienced or witnessed serious violence.
They run various programs that prevent violence and advocate for children’s safety and well-being.
The Foundation’s Better Buddies Framework and Ripple have partnered to provide activities that introduce acts of kindness to buddy teams in primary school during National Buddy Day.