Please don’t turn your backs on them

CoverWhen I was homeless, it was a very scary hard life.

I never asked for anything, but loads of people gave me things. They gave me money, trainers, bedding and hot food with sweet drinks and water, and kindness. I did get the horrible ones who spat, swore and were damned right aggressive.

I fell ill and was taken to hospital but I felt I was a burden so discharged myself after a few days. The police arrested me for harassment and I was taken to court and imprisoned for three weeks whilst reports were done.

At my hearing, the judge took pity on me and said it was a waste of money putting me in prison and gave me two years probation. This meant that I lived by hostel rules and rules the judge set as well.

That was five months ago. Now I have new clothes, a place to sleep and eat. But I also have found a new job as a picker in a warehouse earning my own money. I give to other homeless because I’ve been there and it’s degrading and you can’t see a way out when you’re in that situation. However, I do believe the police knew what they were doing when arresting me and I cannot thank them enough. Although they deny it, I know they did it out of kindness.

So people, here’s my account that people are worth helping. They may be filthy, dirty, down and outs like me, but with a little help like I got, they can become very useful members of society.

Please don’t turn your backs on them. – James

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