A problem is only as heavy as you carry it!

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Yes, it was actually Robin Williams. I was 16 sitting in L.A.X. waiting to fly back to Palm Beach. I was at a very troubled time in my youth. I was not a good kid. As I sat there staring at my walkman, listening to Candelbox in one ear, some man said to me 
in my other, “ya know, a problem is only as heavy, as high as you carry it.”

I never looked up, but over the next few minutes, the what almost, almost seemed a familiar voice rang a bell, honestly, from Mrs Doubtfire. It hit home, I put my doubt aside and I looked up and saw him boarding a plan for N.Y. in the terminal across from me. He looked at me a winked. I’ve never forgotten that! Thought about what he said a million times over the past 18 years, and because of that and what he said, I was crushed to tears when I saw the news that morning reporting his death and the such unfortunate way he left us. He was truly an amazing man! That brings some tears even as I write this. R.I.P. to a great man who will be missed by so many past and current generations and cherished by so many future ones. – Brad  😳

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  1. Angeline Pillay says:

    Love this website and it’s stories.

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