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  • Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum that incorporates positive psychology, kindness, and mindfulness for elementary and primary school teachers.

    K-6 Primary & Elementary Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum


    A Kindness Curriculum that Gives Kids Tools to Succeed in Life!

    Our whole-school kindness curriculum gives teachers the tools to improve social, emotional, and mental wellness for every student in every elementary or primary school year level.
    The lesson plans, resources, and printables make it easy for teachers or counselors to incorporate social-emotional learning, positive psychology, and mindfulness into the classroom. 

    This is our WHOLE SCHOOL CURRICULUM with easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions, activity rubric, and evidence-based resources. Designed to affect change in the entire school while filtering out to the wider community. This resource contains all 7 modules to cater for K-6.

    Empowering students to be their best requires a balanced mix of academics and heart-centered learning that nurtures the mind and soul. Our curriculum is based on building emotional intelligence which is essential for children to be able to recognize and control their emotions, build empathy, and strengthen existing and build new friendships.  

    Science proves that Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) nurtures emotional intelligence (EQ), an essential ingredient for the happiness and wellbeing of both students and teachers. Research indicates that combining SEL with kindness and mindfulness boosts effectiveness and when used consistently can significantly reduce anti-social and bullying behavior to foster a positive and inclusive school community.

    Save precious time searching for SEL resources. Use our researched lesson plans, activities, and printables to help create a warm, inclusive, and safe school environment for your students (and staff).

    All modules can be used with existing and new students for as long as you choose. At less than the price of a cup of coffee, this package represents excellent per child value. 

    See samples of the resources included in the pictures opposite and a description of what you receive in your package below.

    NOTE: This package includes a license for use in ONE school. Sharing with other schools is violating our terms.

    Need a closer look? Email me for a set of sample pages!