3rd Grade – Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum


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A Kindness Curriculum that Gives Kids Tools to Succeed in Life!

Our Grade 3 module gives teachers resources to improve social, emotional, and mental wellness for elementary or primary school students aged 8-9.
Lesson plans, resources, and printables make it easy for teachers or counselors to incorporate social-emotional learning, positive psychology, mindfulness, and kindness into their classroom timetable. 

Empowering students to be their best requires a balanced mix of academics and heart-centered learning that nurtures the mind and soul. Our curriculum is based on building emotional intelligence which is essential for children to be able to recognize and control their emotions, build empathy, strengthen existing and build new friendships.  

Science proves that Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) nurtures emotional intelligence (EQ), an essential ingredient for the happiness and wellbeing of all children. Research indicates that combining SEL with kindness and mindfulness boosts effectiveness and when used consistently can significantly reduce anti-social and bullying behavior to foster a positive and inclusive school community.

Save precious time searching for SEL resources. Our researched, easy-to-use lesson plans, activities, and printables with step-by-step instructions, activity rubric, and evidence-based resources will engage your students and create a warm, inclusive, and safe school environment.

All modules can be used with existing and new students for as long as you choose. This represents excellent per child value. 

See samples of the resources included in the pictures opposite and a description of what you receive in your package below. This module includes our popular Ripple Kindness Cards.

If you want to create positive and lasting change in your school, we recommend our whole-school approach. When all students are working toward the same goal, they understand the importance of supporting one another and maintaining a culture of kindness and respect to reduce bullying.

NOTE: This package includes a licence for use in ONE year level in ONE school. Sharing with other schools is violating our terms.

Need a closer look to see how our kindness curriculum works or want to take it to your principal to get the whole school involved?
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Your whole school package is delivered as a 136-page downloadable pdf with the following inclusions:

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1 x evidence-based and age-appropriate modules for students aged 8-9 years 

  • Activities rubric shows learning areas each lesson covers
  • Templates and worksheets
  • Homework assignments
  • Group discussion ideas
  • Lesson and worksheet guidelines
  • Printable display posters and other useful classroom resources
  • Whole school activity concepts to teach children about their emotions, building resilience, and the importance of being kind and considerate towards themselves and others.
  • SEL, mindfulness and kindness activities that encompass classroom, home, and community projects to encourage all participants to take kindness outside of the school gate, with the definitive aim of reinforcing that the program is not just a school project but a way of life, and
  • Flexible lesson plan concepts to build emotional intelligence that can be mixed and matched to suit individual classrooms and timetables.
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100 x Ripple Kindness Cards for children

Children’s kindness cards are included for use with students in years 2, 3 and 4. You will require three cards for each student in those year levels. If yours is a larger school, you may need to select additional cards when placing your order.

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20 x Ripple Kindness Cards for adults

Adult kindness cards are used to inspire teachers and parents and engage the community.

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Additional resources

  • Research about the benefits of SEL, kindness, and mindfulness
  • Tips for creating a positive classroom
  • Ideas to improve teacher wellbeing
  • Activities to introduce and embed kindness and mindfulness
  • Recommended reading options
  • Supplementary kindness activities
  • Student award certificates and nomination forms
  • Inspirational video clip
  • Kindness Changes Everything song (performed by children)
    – complete with sheet music, printed lyrics and instrumental backing track.
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Quarterly newsletter

Emailed to your inbox with kind ideas, inspirational stories, new resources, useful tips, and contributions from our Ripple Kindness schools and supporters.

Enjoy a huge 20% saving when you purchase the whole-school curriculum package for all year levels.

If you have a large school and require more than the 100 included children's kindness cards, they can be added to your cart here.

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