A proud mom moment!

A Truly Proud Moment For A Parent Is When A Child Acknowledges The Generosity Of Strangers When They Were Small By Paying It Forward As An Adult

I’m going to take a minute to have a proud mom moment. It’ll embarrass him, but that can’t be helped.

My oldest is 18, just turned in November. He’s been working at Pizza Hut for just about a year now.

Years ago, when we lived in Oklahoma, we were in a tiny town. Everyone knew everyone else. I was struggling to get through school, leaning on my parents for help to provide for my kiddos. Winter brought a note from school, telling me I could put my kids on the Angel tree in town. I figured we weren’t that bad off, so I threw it away. There were always kids who needed more than mine.

Someone in town, knowing I hadn’t filled out the application, put my kids on the tree anyway. (Two years in a row!) So my kids had strangers, of the kindest sort, buy Christmas for them.

This year, my son, who at one time was unwillingly put on that Angel tree, is looking for (and found) a struggling family to help. – Anita ❤

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