It was pure magic!

The Capacity To Care.
Just before Christmas, my husband and I had a rare child free RDO. We were getting a Boost Juice before heading to the movies and there was a disabled person and his carer in line behind us. The young man tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around, realised what had happened and smiled at both of them as his carer apologised and explained to him that he shouldn’t do that. He kept it up while we waited for our turn. We just smiled and told her no worries.

When our turn came, we left enough money to buy both of them a Boost and a tip for the staff. When the carer came to us and said thank you, we just told her Merry Christmas. It was pure magic how good we felt afterwards. Really, their day was going to be challenging enough. We hope they felt someone cared. – Ange 🙂

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