The Rainbow Lady

What Makes The World A Better Place.
I used to work for a printing company and when I’d walk through the plant to my office, I’d greet the “ink” lady. She had bottles of different colored inks behind her on the shelf. I told her she was lucky because she got to work with a rainbow every day.

One day during Thanksgiving week, she was not her typical happy self. I asked what was wrong. Her husband had lost his job and they were struggling. She wanted to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with her kids and grandkids, but they were broke.

I put an envelope in her mailbox that day with $ in it and an anonymous note. She came up to me later with a smile and was so happy, telling me that someone had helped her out and she was so happy the lord had provided. She continued to share the joy of the blessing and the next day she found 4 more envelopes in her mailbox. A friend that worked with me put an envelope in my mailbox that said, “I know it was you that put the envelope in her mailbox. It inspired me to do the same along with a couple others.” I will never forget the smile on the “rainbow lady’s” face that day and how good it felt to give. – Christine

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