Really, you would do that?

I was hanging out in a local shop today that sells snack foods and fresh veggies etc. It is next door to an after-school kids program that continues through the summer.

A young girl around 9 or 10 came over to get a frozen fruit popsicle. She did not have enough money to get one today so I told her I was going to buy one for her. Her eyes got all big and she said “really, you would do that?” and I assured her I was going to buy her one and she looked at the store owner who told her I was serious. She then looked down at all the flavor choices, told me thank you, then gave me a big hug and chose her flavor.

I don’t think a complete stranger has ever done anything like that for her. I’m still smiling many hours later from the big smile I got from her. – Kim  😉

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