The reason he didn’t starve.

A Person Is A Person.
This is a story I was told about my grandfather who passed before I was born, but I have used it as my inspiration to be as good as I can to everyone I come in contact with.

Every day for years my grandpa would take his work crew to breakfast before starting their day. He noticed a homeless man day after day asking for enough money to buy a half cup of coffee. 

Finally, my grandfather invited this man each morning to join them for breakfast. Although the man was very hungry he tried to only get a half cup of coffee, but my grandfather wouldn’t hear of it and bought him a large breakfast every morning for quite a while.

Years later my grandfather passed and at his funeral this man and many other people came up to my grandmother to say they were sorry for his passing and thanked her for the kindness they were shown. The homeless man told her that the meals he bought for him was the only food he ate each day for a long time and he was sure my grandfather was the reason he never starved to death. – Leslie 😀

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  1. This is s beautiful story and more of this should be done.

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