Relationships of equals

Every Saturday night we go to town to feed the homeless. We take a table and make a healthy, balanced meal. We are not a church or an organisation, we just take what food we have and feed the hungry and homeless. We ask how everyone is and chat. Some come slowly and don’t say much and you can feel their pain of where they are at – and we build a relationship – of equals. We take with us equality and kindness.

Last Saturday night an elderly man came for the first time and said that it is the best meal he has had in years. The little we come up with goes a long way and we pray that we leave some hope in their hearts but we are the ones that are blessed by doing this.

Since we started we have had a donation of 5kg of sausages from a butcher and the local cheese cake shop has offered to give us a cheesecake a week. So now other people are now supporting us with their kindness – kindness spreads! This week we have donations of homemade bisdcuits which we plan to put in ice cream containers so they can take these with them.

Every Saturday they are waiting for us and they help us unpack our car.

This picture is of Ian who has been homeless for 30 years – I am not sure where Ian is now, but he was sharing his food that he ‘found’ with the seagulls when I took this shot. – Liz 😀

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