A reminder to look out

To Heal A Heavy Heart.
I believe more than anything that we are sent to be somewhere for a reason.

My son and grandson live overseas and I was blessed to have them stay for three months. My little grandson and I have a strong bond, so saying good bye is so hard on both our hearts.

I was at the supermarket and the lady in front of me was buying basic budget brand products. She had about three bags of items. She went to pay and her card was declined. She tried again and it was declined again. She had a look of both panic and horror.

I knew that I had been sent, that day, that moment, to share my blessings. I was caught up in my sadness over my grandson and I being parted, but knew that I could help this lady. I offered to pay for her shopping. She looked at me in disbelief and said she didn’t know me and couldn’t accept. I said to the checkout lady that I would pay and handed her my bank card. The lady asked for my phone number and said she would pay me back. I said there was no need, I was blessed by life and wanted to share my blessings with her. Maybe one day when her circumstances were better she could help someone else. I cried, she cried, the checkout operator cried.

When the lady had left, the checkout operator asked me why I did it, and what did I do for a job. I said I didn’t work full time any more due to illness, and I felt strongly that I needed to help when the opportunity came about. I was caught up in my own sadness and needed a reminder to look out, not to keep looking in.  – Anon 😀

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