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Kindness Coloring Pages by Ripple Kindness Project

Our wildly popular kindness coloring pages are a fun, no-prep mindfulness activity to help your students relax or learn to focus.

Apart from being a great way to bust boredom at home, coloring helps children develop fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. With messages of kindness they also nurture positive character traits.

These kindness coloring pages are a color by number activity where students practice addition and subtraction. The count and color worksheets are more than a fun, no-prep mindfulness activity as students need to use math skills to determine the number associated with each color. 

Use as a distance learning resource or during a math session.

Make your own kindness coloring pages

These digital coloring pages are perfect for younger students at home to learn to manipulate elements in Google Slides. 

Students choose from a range faded coloring page templates that they must replicate by copying, pasting, resizing, recoloring and rotating supplied elements. Once completed, they print and color.  

Based on our best-selling kindness coloring pages, these kindness worksheets also include letter tracing to enhance reading, writing, spelling and fine motor skills for younger children. 

Fun worksheets for students at home to practice letter recognition and handwriting. They can also be used as a fun quiet time activity.

This Google Slides kindness coloring pages activity nurtures a growth mindset as students practice digital skills. 

Students design their own worksheets with kindness quotes they make up or research online, then print and color. Children practice internet skills while being creative and fostering positive character traits. 

Your essential character building activities bundle to nurture kindness, respect and generosity.

8 of our popular resources including kindness coloring pages, editable Google Slides kindness checklists, design your own coloring and a kindness tree. Combined with growth mindset posters, kindness bookmarks and acrostic poem. 

Other social-emotional and kindness resources

We were contacted by several teachers asking us to alter ideas on the checklist to suit their grade. After customizing a few we decided to create a document where teachers could do it themselves. 

If you would like to add your own acts of kindness or for children to work in groups, then this google slides version allows you to do just that. 

Want a fun and easy back to school social emotional learning activity for classroom management and to build emotional intelligence?

This team building activity where students work together and take part in acts of kindness empowers them to make a difference throughout the whole school for a positive and inclusive community.

Resources to create a kindness tree at school

Whole school kindness projects are an effective way of helping to improve self-esteem, student and teacher well-being, and promote inclusion to reduce bullying behavior.

The kindness tree is a fun way for students to record kindness given, received and witnessed throughout the school and see how their good deeds grow.