Rewarded for being honest

Today my son and I were at Starbucks. There was a man that was looking for a wall outlet for his phone. I had my son ask if he wanted to switch tables with us since we were not using our outlet. An employee overheard this and offered my son a cake pop for being so kind. While he had no idea what a cake pop was, anything that had the word “cake” in it couldn’t be bad!

We stopped for lunch on the way home from Starbucks. My son noticed a dime under the chair of someone at another table and went to grab it. I told him that he either needed to put it back or ask if it belonged to the man in the chair. As we were leaving, he asked if the dime belonged to the man. He said no and that my son could have it. He also pulled out his wallet and gave my son $3 for being so honest. – Kate 🙂

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