Ripple Inspired Me!

Awesome feeling today when I went to Asda (Walmart supermarket) and met a lady in a wheelchair scooter with her son.

I took out half an hour to say hello and listen to their stories of the new baby in the family and how excited they all were to be sharing Christmas together.
Usually, I would have just kept my head down and kept on my way but since finding the Ripple Kindness Project, I stopped and took the time to smile at others, which created a group of us in the shopping aisle. We all became friends and I bought a bunch of flowers outside the shop and gave it to the next random stranger to leave the store.

It was a very grateful older man who was soooo smiley after I gave him his gift and he said thank you, but I said no need to thank me, I thank you for allowing me to give you such a modest gift. – YvonneΒ ?


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