Ripple Kindness Cards

Kindness is one of the best natural medicines for just about any ailment.
Both the giver and receiver of kindness experience a feel good high that’s contagious, and when you give one of our
FREE kindness card with it, your ripple expands as you remind people to pass your kindness on!

Adult Cards


Children’s Cards



Individuals requesting Children’s Kindness Cards are sent 12 cards as they are used as part of our school curriculum.
There’s no charge for our Kindness Cards, but as postage mounts up, we ask you to cover the cost of the stamp please.


If you are a Ripple Kindness School, please email Lis with your request for extra cards.
If you are not running our curriculum, you can find out more about it here.


Within Australia

You can either send a stamped self-addressed envelope or go to our Etsy Store.
If you are sending an envelope, please print on the back if you require Adults, Kids or Both and send to
Ripple Kindness Project, PO Box 78, Mooroolbark Victoria 3138, Australia
We will send it back with beautiful smiley cards inside.


If you live outside of Australia you can get your cards on our Etsy Store. Though the cards are FREE, we are unable to list an item with zero value, so have adjusted the postage accordingly.

► CLICK HERE to order your cards.

Here’s how other people use their kindness cards…