Sharing inspired someone else!

I hope I am not tooting my own horn here, but really I am, I cannot help it, I feel so good.

I have been doing the PIF thing religiously since joining Ripple Kindness Project. I always did it before, just not as much. Anyway, I have a PIF facebook that I post PIF stories I find on the internet or newspapers about, or some things that I have done. I’ve had the FP page for about 2 years and no one has posted a story of themselves, until today. So below is the story one of my friends from church shared. I cannot help but think that somehow I have inspired her because since joining the group, I have shared the posts I receive from RKP with my friends pretty much everyday.

Anyway, here’s my friends story. I really loved how it made her felt and hope this good feeling inspires her to PIF again.

“Today I went to a local breakfast shop to meet my son and two of my grandchildren. I was about 15 minutes early. As I waited for my family, I saw an older gentleman come into the restaurant by himself, and he took a seat at the counter. I had been thinking about doing some kind of an anonymous act of kindness and then it hit me….I called the hostess over to my booth and quietly told her that although I did not know that person at the counter, I wanted to pay for his breakfast, but I did not want him to know that it was me who did this. I asked her to not to say anything to him until after his meal and I requested that she tell him that my only request is that maybe sometime, he could anonymously perform a random act of kindness toward a stranger, as well. My family soon came in and we were absorbed in conversation and I do not even see the man leave. I never saw his reaction to being told about the free breakfast. It did not matter. I left there with a smile on my face and such a good feeling….like I had been given a gift. I have been imagining all kinds of acts this man may do some time to “pay-it-forward” and I continue to smile!” – Cindy 🙂

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