She learned a valuable lesson

I have a friend that told me she had looked at a bracelet that cost $300.00 and she just had to have it because it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

She said she saved to get it although she had a lot of jewelry. She said she bought it and just loved it, but when she was out one day somewhere standing in a line of people, she felt led to give the bracelet to another woman standing in the line. Her son was with her and tried to stop her, but she said she knew God was telling her to give it away. She said she knew if she kept it, no good would have came out of it and she took the bracelet off her wrist and gently slid it on the woman’s wrist. She said it made her day.

She told me she learned a valuable lesson from all this. She said we often feel good about material possessions but she knew she just wanted the bracelet for show and it was not something she needed. Wow! How we learn what is important in life. She said the biggest blessing she received was the lady smiling with joy. – Debra


  1. touched my heart we have learn everyday because people are blessing for us

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