About 27 years ago, I was a young mom with marital issues due to my husband’s addiction. He had spent all of our money and we had one day until we were going to be evicted. I did not have any money and could not find a place.

I was working for a temp agency and it was my payday. I picked up my baby after work and went to pick up my paycheck. But I was so overwhelmed knowing that my parents had just moved out of state and I had nowhere to go. I felt like I was failing as a mom. I was in tears and a nervous wreck. The lady Nancy that worked at the agency was kind enough to open her home to all three of us. She was going out of town the next day for a couple of weeks.

This was tremendous because she had no idea how we would leave her home or if we would even take care of it. But it gave us time to figure out what to do and to put some things in order.

During the time that Nancy was away, we realized that we had to move out of state too to get a fresh start on things. So we moved to South Carolina near my husband’s family. They helped us get an apartment and we quickly found jobs. But my husband’s addiction was still out of control. Due to me being naive to addiction, I did not realize that moving away was far from the answer to the problem. So I made the best decision for me and my daughter and left him. I managed to raise my daughter and have a more stable life without him.

Recently, I was finally able to track Nancy down again. She shared with me how she had thought of me and prayed for me and my little girl numerous times throughout the years. One of her prayers was that we would never be homeless. Praise God that we never were homeless.

I am so thankful for Nancy opening up her home to us in a time of dire need and for keeping us in her prayers when I didn’t even know that I was on her mind. Nancy is a true friend and I am looking forward to seeing her again soon. – Minionette

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