A simple caring gesture

I had a doctors appointment and being early I stopped at the local coffee shop. Getting out of my vehicle a car pulled in right beside me. He looked over and smiled and said hi and wished me a good day, I said and you as well. He commented he wasn’t sure of that. He was on his way into the bank to see if he even had $5.00 left in his account to buy a cup of coffee.

I waited until he went into the bank and saw there was a long line up at the bank machine, so I headed quickly into the coffee shop. Ordered to large coffee and two cookies. Asked for a bag for the cookies, not knowing what he took in his coffee, I put milk and sugar. Borrowed a pen, and wrote on the bag. “Have a Great Day”.

When I got back to my truck and saw he was still in the line up – I placed the bag on the hood of his car, backed out and parked two rows back, making sure he would not be able to see me. I watched as he came out, empty handed from the bank. He saw the bag on his car and the smile that spread across his face was priceless. He turned round and round several times trying to see if I was still in the parking lot.

He read what I wrote on the bag, opened it and smiled . He leaned against his car took out a cookie, dunked it into the coffee and sat back and smiled.

I have never seen him since but I sure hope he had a great day!!!!! A warm fuzzy feeling overwhelms you when you see how such a simple caring gesture really does make someone else’s day. – Shirley

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