Simple Human Kindness

I gave a lady a ride home to get her extra set of car keys as she’d locked them in her car and waited to take her back to her car. As we talked, we worked out that I know her son. What a great feeling to help. Made my day. – Rena 😀

A coworker put a card in my mailbox after I had a rough week. It made my day. – Lisa 🙂

I had the most beautiful message from a friend of mine. I was feeling down and she really made me feel a lot better. – Katie 🙂

A neighbor bought me a brand new sofa, a 37 inch television, a scented wax warmer and a Kuerig coffee maker when she got an inheritance from her grandmother, all because a few years before I had fed her when she had no food and stood up for her when a bully neighbor was taking advantage of her because she was disabled. – Carol 😀

Helping a young mum onto a tram with her 4-year-old child in a stroller. We are both pretty short, so challenging to lift the stroller up high enough but we did and she was very grateful. – Wendy 😉

At the dollar tree, I paid for the shopper’s food next in line. Only a few items, but he struck up a conversation with me (a stranger) and not too many people talk to strangers nowadays. It felt so good. My 20-year-old daughter thought I was crazy. – Sue 🙂

My best friend paid for my computer to get fixed a couple weeks ago. – Nicole 😀

Camping at British Super Bikes Cadwell Park UK this past weekend, a man approached and asked if he could borrow a tin opener as he’d forgotten to bring his. Of course, that was fine as we had two. The following day he returned it as he managed to buy one in a nearby town. Our friend asked could she plug her hairdryer in our caravan? Unfortunately not, but I had a petrol generator she could plug it into. She was so happy just to be able to dry her fringe straight, that’s all she wanted to do. Simple kindnesses of bikers and friends. – Anne-Marie  😆 

Please add an act of kindness you’ve given or received in the comments below. 

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